History of the Chat Service for Websites

Ours is a world of instantaneous communication, where one can easily convey his thoughts and emotions at a touch of a few buttons towards someone else on the other side of the world. Calls are being made that conveys not only sound, but moving images as well. Words are being sent in real-time to friends and family, complemented with voice clips and images, making it far from the impersonal communication it once had the reputation of being. Technology and the Internet have thoroughly revolutionized our daily lives.

Perhaps even more than any other form of online communication, the chat can be considered the epitome of the word “instantaneous”. It is extremely uncomplicated and can be done using only a very basic set of hardware and software. Furthermore, it may be the most “solid”, as it is one that has not changed that much over years of technological revolution – even though the technology behind it surely did.

chat serviceThe word “chat” used to be a shorthand for “Internet relay Chat”, or IRC. Today, chat service is something that refers to any type of text-based communication over the Internet. The very first incarnation of the IRC concept existed back in the 1960s, way before the Internet even came into being, as a simple real-time chat program. The Internet version of this system was developed around the late 1980s, evolving into the type of system that we are all familiar with.

This latter development of the IRC started in the University of Oulu, Finland, where the first chat service client and server was written by Jarkko “WiZ” Oikarinen in summer of 1988. It became a network when Oikarinen and his colleague Jyrki Kuoppala asked the University to free the IRC code, so that it can be used outside of the latter’s premises. Afterwards, Kuoppala installed another server, later becoming irc.cs.hut.fi. Oikarinen also had a few friends from the Helsinki and Tampere Universities set up their own servers when the number of users started to increase.

Other Universities soon followed and the client was gradually improved. The network continued to evolve as Oikarinen’s network linked up with those from the University of Denver and the Oregon State University. By November of 1988, the IRC has spread over the entire Internet.

Parallel to the development of the Internet Relay Chat was the “Talkomatic” a program created in 1973 by Doug Brown and David R. Woolley at the University of Illinois. This chat service distinguishes itself from the IRC by providing a more “private” space, allowing only up to 5 participants in a single channel (the system can host up to six channels). The service that holds the title for being the first dedicated online chat that was widely available to anyone was the “CB Simulator”, developed and released by CompuServe in 1980. Its name was taken from the concept of the then-widely popular Citizen’s Band Radio (abbreviated as CD Radio), a concept that CompuServe used as an analogy to relate to their new concept. It offered an initial 40 “channels”, and more were subsequently added.

However, the explosion of chat service popularity only happened in November 1996, when the ICQ was introduced. A shorthand for “I Seek You”, it is a free instant-messaging utility that can be used by virtually anyone, using a client that resides within the computer itself. The system was acquired in 1998 by AOL, another online pioneer, which had launched its own chat service a year earlier. Ultimately, this became the model for almost all other chat services, including the once that dominate the online scene today.

Staying On Top of New Company Products From A SEO Company Perspective

Every single niche, every industry, and every possible combination of online presence has a certain product or service that is being offered. For some, this is a free solution, and for others it’s a combination of pay options or tangible elements. You may not think that your website does that, but it most certainly does, and that’s what a SEO company sees when they start to do internet marketing for you. The goal of marketing is not so much to sell something, it’s to convince people that they need something and there is where things can become difficult to manage for the average site owner.

It’s hard to believe for some, the notion that they are selling something to the consumer. You may not think that you’re doing that, but it’s something that will definitely help you gain knowledge moving forward. The key difference between what you’re doing and what an ecommerce site does is that you’ll be focusing on going through digital inventory to gain currency. The main goal of nearly every site is to pass on information, and that information comes at a cost, whether it’s time or money.

When you hire a SEO company, they will look at your website as a tool for business. You will want that to be the case. If you do not see things that way, you are going to end up falling short of the main goal that you have for your page. It’s that simple, you absolutely need to make sure that you are looking at the internet community from the framework of optimization cycles.

The New Products Paint a Picture

SEOWhen you hire a good company to do your search engine optimization, you will see that they are going to go out and line up all your competitors. The reason why is to look at what they are doing. You’ll learn a lot from your competition, and professional grade companies will want to see what is going on. It’s from their latest products and services that the picture will be painted for your niche. If you think that you’re the only one in your niche or that you have the market cornered, you may not be thinking in the larger scope of how the internet works. No niche is isolated. There is always someone doing something better than you are, but that’s ok, when you hire someone to help you with internet marketing, they will look at the bigger picture and will help you get moving forward with the right pieces to create a strategy for engagement.

Trumping The Releases of Others

When you see your competition is launching all new things, you will want to trump them, but how? That’s the job of a professional, as they will monitor what is going on with your competition and then will emulate them at first glance. You will see that your content, and marketing will take on a similar impression that others will, but that in no way guarantees that you are going to be trumping the others right away.

The process of trumping them requires a bit of work, and when you start to eclipse their influence online, you will see that getting there required you to know what was being pushed forward from day one. This usually involves a lot of complicated strategies and is not easy to do on your own.

The Many Elements of Content Design

Publishing content is part of the bigger picture of SEO. When you want a company to work on your optimization strategies, you will need them to look at no less than 15 types of content design for publishing. You will find that amidst of the 15, you will have reviews. Reviews can help you get a lot of traffic and will help your brand, authorship and more get authority. When you are online, authority means everything to the world of marketing. It’s something that most people don’t really understand until they are moving forward with the design of proper content.

Reviews, is just part of the bigger picture, as it is not the whole thing. Reviews posted about new company products that are being pushed within your niche, your site wins. Publishing content that helps the end user is one way to ensure that you are moving forward within the realms of search engine indexing. The higher you want to get ranked, the more you will have to work within the realms of reviews and more content.

The Other Elements of Marketing

Internet marketing is not isolated to just content marketing, and looking at what your competition is doing. You will end up having to look at many different elements. The elements involve social media updates, blogging, link generation, and so much more. When you think that you are just going to work within one aspect of marketing or that search engine optimization is really just 1 thing that you do over a weekend, you will end up losing sight of what matters most in the world of traffic generation and authority gathering.

At the end of the day, you either gain serious success with the help of a good SEO company, or you end up losing market share because you failed to monitor the new company products that are being pushed in your niche.

Every Website is Chasing The Number One Spot in Google – Competition and SEO

It seems as though every single business that has a website is following the same trajectory to get the ideal results. Everyone that thinks they know what SEO is, wants to be #1 in Google. When you start to break down what it truly means to be the first on top of the mighty search engine, you will realize that it doesn’t mean a whole lot. There are a lot of examples of sites that are sitting pretty at the top of many keyword phrases and don’t really do much business at all. The competition has never been higher in the world of internet marketing, and it’s plain to see why, it has mythical powers.

It’s Not Magic, It Just Looks That Way

How-Does-Google-Rank-PagesThe reason why competition and SEO is so tied together right now is because the mainstream tech media seems to push this mystical iconography more than the realistic process of optimization. If you build a website that is in line with the search provider’s rules and regulations, you will land squarely on top of the heap, but guess what? You may not be focusing on the right things, so it will prove to be a futile endeavor. If your sole goal is to be #1 in any search engine, that’s good, it just won’t last very long.

Being at the top does not always mean that you are going to get the organic traffic that you need. In fact, most people will not even see you, because being at the top means that you’re missing out on a lot of other things. For instance, let’s say you’re an online bookstore. If you are #1 for “used books”, that’s great, but how many searches could really go your way for just 1 keyword? You’ll find that marginalizing your reach with the help of SEO professionals, and other options is not going to bode well for you.

The Truth About Internet Marketing

Your competition may have already figured this out, and you will be far behind as a result. Internet marketing is a matter of utilizing several different steps. You cannot expect to focus on only one thing and get far. If you were only to work within the realms of SEO and forget about social media, advertising, PPC, and other forms of getting your name out there, you would be doing yourself a disservice. In fact, many companies do this, they forget that marketing endeavors allow you to pursue a lot of different solutions today, and those diverse routes will provide the most bang for your buck.

Hiring professional search engine optimization companies, is not the whole picture either. The fact of the matter, especially when you start to really define compliance to optimization strategies is a lot simpler than you may think. It’s a long term commitment, and one that can yield a great deal of results, but only when it’s combined with other forms of promotional consideration. Focusing on one thing over the other will force you to see how limited certain branches of marketing truly are.

What You Can Do To Change Things Today

If you want to tackle any competition, don’t just isolate yourself to a handful of keywords, and don’t just comply with a few rules of thumb when it comes to SEO, focus on the bigger picture. Hire a company to help you, or slowly work towards building your audience. There’s something to be said about slowly building a credible, fervent audience, than to try and catch lightning in a bottle. You will find that even if you were to get to that isolated #1 listing in Google, your traffic may not jump. That’s why diversity and competition come in handy, but only if you’re paying attention.